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Patient journey

An iPad, a notebook and a pen

1. Preparing your first consultation

If you are considering having a dermal filler injection, it is crucial that you find a highly-qualified practitioner with an extensive knowledge of facial aesthetics.
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A stethoscope and a skincare product

2. Your first consultation

During your first dermal filler consultation, your practitioner will provide you with detailed explanations about the most appropriate dermal filler treatments. (33,34)
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Skincare products and a syringe

3. Before your injection

On the day of your treatment, you will be able to discuss all possible complications and go through any last-minute questions. You will have to sign the Informed Consent Form before starting the procedure. (34,35)
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A filler syringe with its box and a hyaluronic acid drop

4. During your injection

If a topical anaesthetic has been applied, once it has taken effect, your practitioner will carefully complete the series of small injections. Most treatments can be quickly and easily done within around 20 minutes, depending on your needs. (34,35)
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A mirror, a cosmetic product and a towel

5. After your injection

Depending on how they are used, treatment with our dermal fillers is unlikely to affect your facial movements and the benefits can normally be seen instantly. (6)
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